What is Lead Grading?

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Why is this important?Lead Grading allows you to validate information on your leads by running checks on system fields set on your lead type.

You are able to run grading on the following fields:

  • Address – Ensures that the address is deliverable.
  • IP Address – Checks to make sure that the IP is tied to the Address.
  • Comments – Makes sure that the comments section has information input.
  • Email – Ensures that the email address is deliverable                                             Disposable EmailLeads@gmail.comCustom
    Domain emailLeads@clickpointsoftware.com  
  • Phone - Checks to see if the number is callable                                                             Land Line                                                                                                                           Mobile

You are able to set up a custom grading scale with each letter grade allowing you to have leads follow certain routes.

LeadExec will then show the grade of the lead inside of the reporting screens.

Figure 1.
Image showing the lead grading options.

Figure 2.
Image depicting the grading scale.

Setting up Lead Grading

Figure 3.
Selecting your Settings tab.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings section by clicking the “Settings” link at the top, and clicking the “Lead Grading” option that will appear on the left side. (Illustrated in Figure 3)

Figure 4.
Depicting how to enable a validation option.

Step 2: Once you are in the “Lead Grading” . Enable the validation options you wish to use by selecting “Enable” do this to all validation options you want to use. (Illustrated in Figure 4)

Figure 5. Image depicting how to set a point value.

Step 3: Once you have all of your validation options set the next step will be to set point value each validation can earn if the lead passes. (Illustrated in Figure 5)

Figure 6.
Depicting the letter grade scoring system.

Step 4: Once the scores are in place its time to set up your grade settings. At the bottom right of the Lead Grading section you will see the highest possible score this will assist you with inputting your grade scores. (Illustrated in Figure 6)

Figure 7.
Depicting how to set the action each grade will take.

Step 5: Once the Lows and Highs are set for each letter its time to set the action each grade will follow. To do this select the Action Dropdown box. (Illustrated in Figure 7)

Figure 8.
Image depicting how to save changes.

Step 6: Click “Save and Agree” located at the top left of the Lead Grading Section. (Illustrated in Figure 8)

Figure 9.
Depicting the letter grade scoring system.

Step 7: The next step will be to implement this across all the campaigns receiving leads that you want to be graded. (Illustrated in Figure 9)

Figure 10.
Depicting the Grade Results inside of LeadExec.

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