Setting up Call Routing Inside of LeadExec

To begin setting Up call routing in your system, click on the LeadSources tab.

Figure 1.
Image depicting how to get to the Lead Source List.

Select a Lead Source from Your List, and click Modify Campaigns (see Figure 2)

Figure 2.
Selecting a Lead Source to modify your Campaign.

Navigating to your IVR Numbers

From within your campaign list, select the campaign and hit Edit (see Figure 3)

Figure 3.
Edit your Campaign to navigate to your Lead Forms.

Next, From Within your Campaign Click on IVR Numbers and Scripts (see Figure 4)

Figure 4.
Click on IVR Numbers and Scripts to View or Add Forms.

From this Screen you will have the ability to:

  • Edit Numbers
  • Add Numbers
  • Delete Selected Leads
  • Edit Scripts
  • View Existing Numbers

What Happens Now

Now that you have purchased your IVR number, it now falls to the ClickPoint Team to integrate your numbers. Items you will need to provide are as follows.

  • Call Script – this will be the way your call flows and what data is captured and shown in our system
  • Lead Source and Campaign the IVR Is tied to.

Viewing Your Calls Inside of LeadExec

Figure 5.
Selecting leads.

To View your Leads inside the LeadExec System. Click on the Leads Tab(Figure 5)

Figure 6.
Viewing Call Details.

IVR Lead details, such as call duration can only be viewed in the Search Leads Screen(Figure 6)

You can see the call detail history by selecting call details.

Your Call Details

Figure 7.
Call Details Log.

In Your Call Details you can view the following information

  • Call Result
  • IVR Number Dialed
  • Duration of Call
  • Listen to the Recording
  • Client Transferred Information

The Call Log, will show you the steps the IVR took when accepting the call and display keys pressed, as well as transfer information.(Figure 7)

Figure 8.
Listening to Call Details.

You Can listen to your Call, by Click the Listen To call Hyperlink which will open the call recording media player. (Figure 8)

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