To create a pivot grid to show leads by hour:

  1. Navigate to any of the 3 screens: Search Leads, Maximizer, or Client Distribution. This example will show how to add this report from the Search Leads screen. 

Figure 1. Search Leads screen

  1. Click on "Pivot" to open the pivot grid screen.

Figure 2. Navigating to Pivot Grid screen

  1. Set the field to Date Added, and Add the field as a column.
  2. Select the interval to be done by hour.

Figure 3. Setting the Field and Interval

  1. Set the field to UID.
  2. Add field and Select Data Item
  3. Set the calculation to Count.
  4. Your pivot grid will now show you (in military time) the amount of leads you received per hour.

Figure 4. Leads received per hour

  1. Set the field back to Date Added and add 1 more column field set to day, to split up the report on a per day per hour basis.

Figure 5. Leads received per hour

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