One of the newest features to LeadExec 4.0 is the ability to append the City and State based on the zip code entered into the system. This allows our system to populate these two fields using only the zip code. To access this feature, open the campaign and go to LeadType Properties, at the bottom, check the Append City State Feature and save your campaign.

Figure 1. Appending City and State

To make sure that this is working, you will need to check 3 vital pieces of information on the lead Type:

1. First the Zip Code field needs to be tied to our Zip System Field

Figure 2. Zip Code field.

The State field, needs to be tied to the State system field.

Figure 3. State system field is required. 

3. And the Country field, needs to be tied to the Country System field, as well as have the Default Value set to USA.

Figure 4. Setting this default value informs our system to be checking USA only zip codes.

Once these 3 key pieces of information have been set on your lead type. Any lead that enters the system with only the zip code, will now populate the city and State field in your LeadExec System.

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