f you need to send a lead to a client manually, you can do this using the Maximizer Screen. First click on the leads tab at the top. Select Maximizer. Next Select a client from the drop down and hit refresh.

Note: you can also specify the exact delivery account the lead should go to, by clicking the delivery account drop down box to the right of your client list.

Figure 1.
Selecting a client.

Once you hit refresh, the screen will color code itself indicating whether or not the lead is a match for your client. Click on the green send arrow to complete your send.

Figure 2.
Saving your send.

While the lead is sending, you will not see the status of the lead. Refresh the screen after about a minute to see the system will color code itself to let you know if the lead was accepted or rejected. The full color code legend is provided below.

Figure 3.
Color Coding.

Figure 4. Color Coding Legend for Maximizer.

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