Inside of your clients delivery account you can set up criteria to do a range of values. Please note that since text fields are very dynamic the value received must match the value in your criteria.

Step 1. To begin this process Click on the Clients Tab at the Top.

Figure 1.
Navigating to Clients

Step 2. Next, Select the client that you are adding criteria for and hit Open.

Figure 2.
Client list

Step 3. Select Delivery Accounts. This will bring up a list of your accounts. Select the account and click Modify.

Figure 3.
Delivery Accounts

Step 4. Navigate to the criteria setting of your delivery account. and click Add.

Figure 4.
Adding criteria

Step 5. Select the Lead Field you want to do criteria for. Set the Check Type to In and Add the values you are wanting to check. Click OK.

Figure 5.
Criteria Details

Once completed, your screen should look like this. This account is now set to look for the selected values you have listed on a lead.

Figure 6.
Criteria requirements

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