Client Groups can be used to group existing clients in your system to control delivery. With client groups you can

  • Send leads to Clients while having only 1 method.
  • Assign multiple clients to 1 delivery.

Figure 1.
Select the Clients tab.

To begin setting Client Groups Select Clients (see Figure 1)
Select Client Groups (see Figure 2)

Click new

Figure 2.
Select the Clients tab.

Navigating a Client Group Setup

Figure 3.
Client Group Details.

Inside your Client Group you can assign

  • Default Delivery – This will be the main delivery method your clients use when assigned to a client group. This is set up like a normal client Delivery. (Please refer to Setting Up Client Delivery for more details)
  • Force Delivery – This will force the delivery of a lead and will over ride the default delivery (Please refer to Setting Up Client Delivery for more details)
  • Delivery Overides – These can be assigned to Overide the Default Delivery to a client if certain criteria is met
  • Customize Company News – Allows you to customize the news section for clients in this group (Reset Company News Will clear out existing Company News)

Setting up Delivery Overrides

Figure 4.
Set Up and Override.

To Set Up and Override, Click on the Green Add Button. This will populate a Normal Delivery Method Setup However with 1 difference You can now add criteria.

Adding Criteria to Overrides

Figure 5.
Delivery Methods.

To add criteria to an Over Ride Delivery Click on the Criteria Settings Tab. This Will populate a screen, for you to select criteria.

To Add criteria, Click on the Add Button Select the lead field you want to run criteria on, input the value and click OK.

Figure 6. Criteria Details.

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