In order for leads to be automatically delivered to your clients LeadExec requires that automation be enabled.

To enable automation on your clients delivery account follow these steps:

  1. Go to Clients and then select Client List.

Figure 1. Navigating to Client List

  1. Select the client you wish to enable automation on and click "Open"

Figure 2. Opening the client properties.

  1. Click on "Delivery Accounts"

Figure 3. Navigating to Delivery Accounts

  1. Select the Delivery Account you wish to enable automation on and click "Modify"

Figure 4. Modifying the Delivery Account

  1. Click "Delivery Options"

Figure 5. Delivery Options

  1. Under Automated Delivery set the value to "Yes"

Figure 6. Automated Delivery option

  1. Click "Save"

Figure 6. "Save" button

You have just enabled automation for this delivery account allowing leads to flow automatically to this delivery account and the delivery method tied to it!

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