Delivery Service

In Lead Distribution sending leads in real time is a major factor in whether or not you can sell that lead! Sometimes your incoming traffic can slow down the speed of your leads leaving your system depending on the amount! With LeadExec’s new delivery service we have conquered that mountain by allowing you the customer to add threads to your account allowing you to process multiple leads at one time out to clients.

In order to switch to the new delivery service you will need to contact your dedicated LeadExec support specialist or contact support at Just ask them to switch you over! You also have the ability to increase the amount of volume processing power by purchasing 5 threads for only $200.00 a month. This allows you to process up to 6 leads at once using the thread you are given when you switched over. With this service you will notice your delivery queue clearing out in a manner of seconds!

As you can see below this account has 5 threads active. If you look at the times these leads were sent will notice that 5 leads were either sent or processed by delivery in the same second!

Figure 1.
Delivery Threads.

If you are interested in switching your account over to LeadExec’s New Delivery Service or if you have any questions on how this service can benefit you remember to contact your Support Specialist or email support at

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