LeadExec's Topology Editor allows users to create a hierarchy system with in its clients allowing 1 client to be able to see leads delivered to any clients assigned underneath him in the client portal.

Here is the view from the Client portal of a client with clients underneath them:

Figure 1.
Client List.

Note: Each Folder is a different client. This client can see their leads but they cannot see his.

How to assign clients using the Topology Editor

Figure 2.
Topology Editor.

  1. Click on the "Topology Editor" button
  2. On the left side of you will see the client list current in your system. From here you can drag and drop the client to the location you wish for them to be under.
  3. Once this is complete the topology is complete.

How to remove clients from their topology

Figure 3.
Removing assignment from Topology Editor.

  1. Click on the "Topology Editor" button
  2. Select the client you wish to remove the assignment for
  3. Click "Remove Assignment"
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